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Mex In Dance

Mex In Dance © CQD

As a collaboration project between four European and one Mexican festivals, Mex In Dance aims to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between Mexico and different EU countries, as well as the democratization of art: Mex In Dance would like to bring contemporary art closer to Mexican and European citizens, to explore the relation of contemporary dance, public space and community, by using art as a tool for social inclusion and cohesion.

European coorganisers of the project are four festivals members of the Dancing Cities Network: DIES DE DANSA (Barcelona, Spain), Ballo Pubblico (Poggibonsi, Italy), Interferenze (Teramo, Italy) and Dantza Hirian (Basque Eurocity Bayonne - San Sebastián, France / Spain). On the mexican side, the festival Subterráneo Escénico (Mexico City) is the main organiser.

The project counts with the support of the European Union, and also with the support and collaboration of other relevant public and private Mexican cultural organizations, including universities and public institutions, as the City Council in Mexico DF or the National Ministry of Culture:

Red Nacional de Festivales de Danza // Festival Internacional Qrodanza // Sistema Nacional de Teatros de la Ciudad de México - Secretaría de Cultura del distrito federal // Coordinación Nacional de Danza del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes // Programa Alas y Raices (Conaculta) // Coordinación de Extensión Universitaria y Sección de Actividades Culturales de la UAM // Dirección de Danza de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México // Instituto Queretano de la Cultura y las Artes // Instituto de Cultura del Municipio de Querétaro // Sistema de transporte colectivo metro // Athosdc // Escénico 22 // Línea vertical



· Exchange of Mexican and European dance companies ·

Four European dance companies, who had been selected by the European participating festivals, were part of the 2012 edition of the festival Subterráneo Escénico, which took place in public subway stations in Mexico City from November 12th and 16th : La Macana (Spain), Asier Zabaleta (France), Compagnia Adarte (Italy) and Compagnia Pescara Dance Festival (Italy). The dance companies Compagnia Adarte and Compagnia Pescara Dance Festival as well as the invited choreographers Pepe Havia and Sara Martinet also presented their work in the city of Querétaro within the international festival Qrodanza, thanks to the collaboration of the Red Nacional de Festivales de Danza, a network which is made-up of more than 40 Mexican dance festivals.

The European festivals DIES DE DANSA, Dantza Hirian, Interferenze and Ballo Pubblico included in their 2012 programme five Mexican companies, which had been selected by the festival Subterráneo Escénico: Tumàka't, makinaDT, Cuatro x Cuatro, Athos DC and Moving Borders.


· Exchange of dance workshops for Mexican and European dancers ·

Each participant European festival selected a local choreographer to lead a free workshop aimed at young Mexican dancers and students. The four selected European choreographers developed workshops of dance technique (Sara Martinet, France), technique and choreography (Francesca Lettieri, Italy), improvisation and choreography (Manolo Perazzi, Italy) and langage investigation (Pepe Havia, Spain), in locations like the dance room of the Mexican University (UNAM), the Choreographic Investigation Centre, the  Theater Institution of Mexico City (Sistema de Teatros) or the Arts Faculty of  Querétaro.

Three Mexican choreographers have been invited to propose 2weeks workshops, which were aimed at young European dancers and students and have been shown in the festival who organized the workshop. Thus, the audience could see in DIES DE DANSA the workshop of Verónica Santiago, in Dantza Hirian the workshop of Shanti Vera, and in Interferenze and Ballo Pubblico the workshops of Jaciel Neri.


· Dancing Cities Meeting and International Congress about “Art, Public Space and Social Cohesion” in Mexico City ·

One of the results of the present project is the inclusion of the Mexican Festival Subterráneo Escénico in the Dancing Cities Network, which fosters artistic mobility between Europa and Mexico.

In November 2012, during the Mexican Festival, a Dancing Cities meeting and an International Congress about "Art, Public Space and Social Cohesion" have been held in Mexico City: during two days, Mexican and European experts came together to think about the links between these 3 elements and about the benefits provided by projects like Mex In Dance or Least Common Multiple. Following experts took part in the congress: Ramon Parramon (director of IDENSITAT, Spain), Gianluca Cresciani (expert in urban art, Italy), Francesco Zanotelli (University of Messina, Italy), Ion Elorza (Festival Dantza Hirian, France), Luca Losi (Festival Ballo Pubblico, Italy), Gian Franco Manetta (Festival Interferenze, Italy), Ma. Luisa Fernández and Miguel Ángel Herrera (Festival Qrodanza, Mexico), Hector Garay (Vitars, Mexico) and Javier Contreras (director of the CICO, Mexico).


· Video-dance workshop for young Mexican film-makers ·

Led by the Italian visual artist Francesca Svampa and organized during the festival Subterráneo Escénico 2012, the video-dance workshop had as main aims: to boost the exchange between Mexican dancers and videoartists; to explore the new forms of creation and the promotion tools given by the new technologies (cell phone recording, shared creation thanks the social networks, etc.); to incorporate Mexico City to the by CQD promoted platformDcode.

The videos that have been created during and as a result of this activity are available following this link.


· Special edition "Mex In Dance" of the Dancing Cities magazine ·

The issue #6 of the Dancing Cities magazine is dedicated for its large part to the Mex In Dance project: it contains as much interviews of the European/Mexcian companies which participated to the exchange, as a resume of the talks of the CQD meeting organized in Mexico City or the diary of the video-dance workshop. You can consult/download it in our section Magazine.

· European Dance Fim Exhibition in Mexico ·

The 2012 edition of the Subterráneo Escénico festival proposed an exhibition of video-dance, which allowed the Mexican audience not only to know the choreographic and audiovisual work of European artists and choreographs, but also to discover how dance, space and video communicate together. Seventeen videos from Spain, Italy and France have been shown several times, for example Astrálagus (dancer: Olga Sasplugas / producer : Toni Vidaechea, Spain), Piezas en fuga (Cia La Intrusa Danza, Spain), Le Bain (Cie Les Baigneurs, France), Oups (Cie La Voiuvre, France), Diarabi (producer: Francesca Svampa, Italy), Ritratto (Jacopo Jenna and Ramona Caia, Italy) or Melancolía (Andrea Monatagnani, Italy).

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