"Dancing Cities" : a documentary movie about dance and city

"Dancing Cities" : a documentary movie about dance and city © CQD

Dancing Cities is a documentary directed by renowned Catalan filmmaker Roger Gual, author of films such as “Smooking Room” or “Remake”. The dance and the city are the main characters of this film, recorded in four European cities of the network: Barcelona (Spain), Malmö (Sweden), Swansea (UK) and Genova (Italy). The film presents a reflection on the similarities and differences of European social and public space through a poetic document with contemporary dance as a common thread.

We visited each of the cities with a local dance company: La Intrusa in Barcelona, Memory Wax in Malmö, Tanja Raman in Swansea and Ubi Dance in Genova. They are the protagonists of the scenes shot at different locations in each of the cities, from the most emblematic to the lesser known. A poetic journey that brings us also closer to the human geography of each of the cities. Faces characteristic of each site and at the same time, globalized, product of the multicultural societies in which we live.