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This project aims to exchange experiences and knowledges between Latin-American and European companies, as well as to keep in close contact festivals who use the public space as artistic container, place for creation and social cohesion. 

Thus, the Latin-American company Tumàka't (Mexico) presented its work in the European festivals of Bilbao (Lekuz Leku), Zaragoza (Trayectos) and Barcelona (DIES DE DANSA), while the company of Federica Folco and Josi Cáceres (Uruguay / Ecuador) presented it in the Basque Eurocity (Dantza Hirian).

After this first stage, the Latin-American festivals of Valparaíso (Danzalborde), Buenos Aires (Ciudanza) and Rosario (El Cruce) programed the second exchange periode.

- Analía Fernández and Quio Benetti (Argentina), Florencia Martinelli (Uruguay) y Esteban Donoso (Ecuador) in Valparaíso, Chile;

- Sandra Acevedo (Chile) and La Intrusa (Spain) in Rosario, Argentina.


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