Dance Channels

Mobility, creation and cooperation.

This is the time for artists to make exchanges, to extend their horizons and, above all, to get closer to the community, to the citizens. Society needs its artists and we, the managers, are responsible for creating mechanisms for this relationship to exist and be optimal :

The Dance Channels project, financed by the European Union Culture Programme, links Zaragoza City Council / Trayectos Festival to the Corpi Urbani (Genova) and Urban Moves (Manchester) festivals. The conversations between the 3 festivals, as members of the CQD network, were based on the idea of looking for a formula to be able to offer companies, dancers and choreographers a scenario for development and growth; how to create a forum where the respective dance communities of the three cities could share and discover new work techniques and acquire more empowerment to improve their perspectives. Furthermore, the objective of finding mechanisms to establish relations with the social life of the three cities was maintained. The project name responds to this, to the idea of creating relationship channels among the artists and between them and the host societies.

In its first edition, Dance Channels was held in three periods of residence: in Zaragoza from June 4th to 30th, in Manchester from July 16th to 29th and in Genova from Agost 30th to September 3rd. Three differentiated actions were developed in each one of them: Encounters, Creative Laboratories, and Community Dance.

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