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Danse en ville

Façades, yards, streets, bridges, ruins, … are the sets for short contemporary dance performances. The spectators will discover rather bizarre or more extravagant but also comic sceneries. The aim is to allow the audience as well as the inhabitants to reach a new approach of the chosen specific sites.

The choreography will animate the area and will either develop or contrast the architecture of a city. The transfiguration of the spaces through the movement and the music will waken up new facets of the place matter to evolve the public; facilitating the relationship between contemporary art, architecture and the public. Admission free !

Additional Info

  • Country: Belgique
  • City: Liège
  • Contact Person: Irène Borguet-Kalbusch
  • Organization:

    Compagnie Irène K

  • Support and partners: Communauté Germanophone de Belgique / Ville d’Eupen (RSM) / Province de Liège
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