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Interferenze: the name says it all but not everything that one must know about this urban dance festival originated six years ago from a bright intuition and an artistic dare. The intuition was that art, in its most various forms, needs people and common spaces just the way people and urban spaces need an honest message and an intellectual tidiness that only art can endow us with. The dare was to bring contemporary and experimental dance in a city and territory blocked for years in the asphyxial logics of a tradition and of a “limited” culture. What was left for the crowd? In the public squares only beggars and in the streets only the unmanageable traffic during rush hour.


In 2006 , Interferenze casted the first stone in this vacant pond in which everyone used to see only their reflection, changing forever its preconceived order and bouncing it, Interferenze has created new waves , new opportunities for artists and experts , causing a storm in this small pond named Teramo with its new ideas and research. So during the last years , Interferenze has opened a path that many have crossed : famous artists that have discovered new vibrations and have studied new variations. Young dancers have created characters and illusions that will remain in the mind and heart of the astonished and ravished passer-bys. Forgotten, unknown and almost invisible places, immersed in everyday life began acting not only as the frame but often as inspirers of unforgettable interventions.

Additional Info

  • Country: Italy
  • City: Teramo
  • Address: Via Fedele De Paulis 9/A,
  • Contact Person: Eleonora Coccagna
  • Phone: 3487501568
  • Organization:

    Electa Creative Arts

  • Support and partners: Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali e del Turismo - Dipartimento dello Spettacolo dal Vivo; Regione Abruzzo; Città di Teramo; BIM, Fondazione Tercas


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