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Danzafuera Danzafuera Danzafuera

DANZaFUERA, is a festival that promotes exchanges between architecture and choreographic art. The festival d

evelops a reflection about artistic works which emphasize the architectural value of public spaces.

The project is deployed in 5 dimensions :

Creation: The festival invite 5 companies of contemporary dance, which realize choreographies in frame of specific

spaces. The maximum duration for each choreographies is 25 minutes, which allows the combination of different tools, for

facilitating a massive appraisal of the public.


Formation: 3 opened workshops conducted by professional choreographers, free of charge, are organized to initiate the

active participation of schools and dance organizations. At the end of each session, they present the results during the

festival with a public show. The rehearsals are realized outdoor and the respective scenes are opened the public.

Research: The artists invited have to raise a challenge : design specific creations for each space of the city.

Choreographers, architects and town planners must appreciate public spaces with a social, humane, creative and

participative way.


Network and artistic management: The festival invites programmers, journalists and critics and they generate together

a platform for developing the network of the companies and valorizing their work for future employers.

Appropriation: All the performances and shows are free, it allows a important participation of the public to assist to

various creations. As the creators must realize their shows in public assigned spaces, they have to win public support and

so ensure a positive public impact.




Additional Info

  • Start Date: Monday, 07 September 2015
  • End Date: Sunday, 13 September 2015
  • Country: Colombia
  • City: Bucaramanga
  • Address: Carrera 24 No 51-48 Apt. 706
  • Contact Person: Eugenio Cueto Barragàn
  • Phone: 3154097461
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