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In-Out Dance


TAMADIA the company under the direction of choreographer and dancer Aguibou Bougobali SANOU organizes " In-Out Dance Festival", international dance gatherings in public spaces. Live performances, video projections, debates and public performances vibrate Bobo offering a unique experience of its kind to people.

First International Dance Festival in the west of Burkina Faso, in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso, In-Out dance festival is a space of meeting, exchange, advocacy, education, training ...

In-Out Dance Festival is an artistic event, which combines dance, music, video, projection, installation and capoeira, born of a desire to increase and promote the shows in public spaces, so that the poorest people can also in benefit.

So, several festival activities will take place in public places of the city. Bring dance outside the walls, in public and living space.

Dance, once performed in the streets, the woods were deported in theaters, and since then she has trouble returning to its original environment .

Our objectives:

- Positioned as a strong artistic moment, it raises questions about the new challenges and ways of a real and sustainable development, just allowing the artist to fully play its role as a social regulator.

- To support and stimulate the local economy, it is also In-Out Dance Festival. Apart from the programming costs are investments from providers in the region, with of course seasonal jobs created and related activities generated .

One of the aims of the festival is to support policies to bring the artists, policy makers, to understand the importance of culture as sources of knowledge, meaning , values, identity, meeting , assembly , unification and, finally, peace.

"The culture in its universality is a factor of development, reconciliation . Source  of education,  economic development and social cohesion. Without culture, there is no identity and our differences are our cultural treasures."    Aguibou    Bougobali    SANOU

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