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This Festival tries to be an annual meeting between dancers, performers, choreographers, the directors coming from the area of dance, national or international persons, interesting in interchanging knowledges, procedures, ways of doing; across their performances, workshops or seminars taking as a vector of orientation of the intervention around urban architecture.

The festival is working to establish other circuits and platforms in the future that there allow and promote these interchanges (chats, debates, tables semibreve, projections, etc). Diagonales Festival is trying to be coordinated with the other festivals DanzalBorde (Valparaíso, Chile) and El Cruce (Rosario, Argentina) in order to promote a regional circuit.

The programming of the 2013 edition could be contemplated in the following spaces: Passage 8 bis, National Museum of Natural Sciences, Park Saavedra. with the participation of the following companies: Artesanos do Corpo ( Brasil ), Pez Dorado ( Bahia Blanca), Lucia Toker ( Buenos Aires), David Señoran ( Buenos Aires), Andrea Berutti ( Mar del Plata), UDT ( Buenos Aires), CDC Ifa, ( Buenos aires), Natalia Tencer ( Buenos Aires) Rocio Pagola ( La Plata)

Ivan Sanchez ( Danzalborde-Chile) and Maria Waleska ( Alegre Alegrete- Brasil) took care of the supervision of the festival. 



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