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Since the summer of 2011, a new cultural offering in the city of Ourense has been
promoting a coming together of citizen/tourist with their urban landscape through the arts of dance and movement.
Over the course of three days with a program starting at 20:30, the festival invites audience members to walk around the city, enjoying its historic squares and most emblematic spots, while getting a new urban perspective thanks to  the artist’s intervention.
The festival will consist of four daily performances of 20 minutes duration by
participating artists both galician and international, as well as special colloboration with local choreographers and dancers from the city of Ourense. 
The project aims to stimulate a new use of urban spaces which appeals to audiences through the art of dance in a wide sense.
In its first edition it was the citizen, turned spectator, who decided on the festival’s name: corpo(a)terra.  Each year, everyone: citizens, artists, audiences, associations...will take part in each edition in different ways. 

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