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Dancing Cities – CQD is an international network of festivals that program contemporary dance shows in urban landscapes. Currently, the network is composed of 40 members from Europe, South / Central America, Oceania, Asia and Africa.

The main aim of this network is the creation of a dynamic system of cooperation and coordination, and the exchange of projects and information among the members. The network encourages the cooperation between different countries, creating a common consent of artistic diffusion of the different languages and cultures, while stimulating multiculturalism.

The network has been created by the Associació Marató de l'Espectacle in 1997 in Barcelona (Spain). Conscious of the shortage of connection between dance and public, the association has created in 1992 the first site-specific dance festival in Barcelona, DIES DE DANSA. Due to the growing interest of professionals and international organizations, the association decided to encourage and help others to carry out similar festivals in cities such as Lisbon, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Sucre, Montevideo or, recently, Cairo. Nowadays, there are 40 festivals members of the network, and this number increases year after year.

Our mission: promoting contemporary dance in public spaces.


- Because we believe in the potential of art as a tool for social transformation, especially when it takes place in public space.
- Because we bet for the democratization of culture by getting the contemporary art language closer to non-specialized audiences.
- Because we defend the reappropriation of public space as a place for community engagement and individual expression.

Our goals:

- To establish a solid exchange platform, collaboration and promotion between organizers of urban festivals and to improve cooperation between different countries, creating a common agreement of artistic diffusion among different languages and cultures.
- To offer a tool of artistic and management consulting toward new members which have recently joined the network, as well as helping young festivals to develop themselves.
- To develop common communication and promoting actions, in order to reach greater international exposure, not only for the members of the network but also for the participating companies and creators.
- To establish a platform of reflection and debate about the relation between dance and urban landscapes, especially thanks the annual publication of the multilingual magazine Dancing Cities / Ciudades que Danzan.